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Book cover
Fifty Days on Board of a Slave Vessel
Pacoe G.Hill
Book excerpt:
From "A Visit to Rio de Janeiro"

I attended on the slave-auctions which take place usually every week, having been previously advertised in the Gazettes. About twenty-five of both sexes, decently dressed, were seated on benches behind a long table, which as each in turn ascended to be better viewed by the bidders, a sullenness of look seemed to express their feeling of degradation in being thus put up to sale. The prices seldom rose above 300 mil-reis, about 31 English pounds; but it is to be supposed that those who are thus disposed of by auction are among the least useful or valuable to their owners. It is not uncommon to meet negroes in the street, moving slowly with shackled feet, or with a heavy iron collar around the neck, usually denoting a recovered fugitive. Advertisements of runaway negroes often fill a column in the daily journals....
2002, Educa Vision, Inc., 166pp, Softcover
ISBN 0-933121-46-6
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