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Book cover
Sugar, Slavery, Christianity and the Making of Race
Mark E. Boren, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Book excerpt:
"Looking at the culture of European social
refinement as linked directly to the rise in West Indies sugar and the African slave trades, we can begin to see cultural machinery develop to drive and sustain the
material machinery necessary for the trade....The physical machinery of slavery
the windmills, boiling houses, plantation architecture,ships, shackles, collarswere only the more visible parts of the machine. Yes, these components were inextricably connected to European shipbuilding and the boom in trades associated with shipping,as well as mass emigration by exporting hundreds of thousands of the poor or undesirable out of Europe, the tremendous retooling of commerce, and the rise of joint-stock companies. But we also need to see tea parties,Saturday strolls in European pleasure gardens, the rise of bakeries, hot chocolate,coffee houses,sweet treats, teaspoons and tea cozies, and all the cultural intricacies involved in the desire for class elevation as also part of the works, part of the machinery driving the sugar and slave trades.

And it doesnt stop there. For if were going to understand how free men, women, and children in Africa were turned into workable slaves, and God-fearing Englishmen were turned into or facilitated monsters who carried out that processing of Africans, we need to recognize the development of cultural machinery that changed how Europeans thought about other peoples
and that intentional psychological engineering made such things possible."
April, 2013, Caribbean Studies Press, Cat #: CSP0307, 196pp, 25 b & w illustrations, softcover
ISBN 978-1-62632-030-7
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